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We specialize in custom designed structures and cabinetry for residences, offices and businesses. We use various woods, stone, metal and glass in our wall units, kitchen cabinets, storage beds and floating furniture. Integrated details with crown moldings and  recessed or up-lighting enhance each project. 

"John has a precise eye for spacial solutions and design that solved so many issues with my small NYC apartment. He even hung my large heavy mirror on sheet rock!"


"Northwest Woodworking instantly gave me comfort as they were able to fix an existing  problem with a wall I had that the contractor didn't make  square. John has an unerring eye for detail."

"I'm a photographer and find it hard to believe there are no flat files out there that fit under a double bed which is such a large unused space. John at Northwest Woodworking came up with a brilliant solution to handle the flat file I needed as well as an area to store poles and long tubes of seamless and such into a custom captain's bed. He even incorporated a small chest that could also go under. Bravo!!"

"I am in love with my new wall to wall built in cabinet in my bedroom that extends the window sill, hides the radiator and gives two large storage areas on either side of the radiator. For the top, John sourced a perfect white quartz that gives a high end look as well as being waterproof. The room oddly looks bigger after the addition."

"John's open to ideas and easy to work with. Definitely a big plus, less stress knowing the details are also taken care of. He's got a

high level of excellence".

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