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In considering solutions for kitchens, home offices and businesses, we work closely with our clients to see their ideas and needs, to analyze the space, the light and pre-existing structures. We collaborate together crafting the design and offering variations for different budgets.


We explore finishes, fittings and hardware as well as sourcing a variety of materials including stone, glass and metal. Detailed drawings are created to insure a well flushed out vision with clarity.


Custom cabinetry for kitchens, studios, homes and offices. Custom bistros, closets, radiator covers, bookshelves with recessed lighting.

"We have a pre-war apartment with a kitchen that required custom work as nothing on the market was fitting our vision. John created beautiful shaker style cabinets with recessed lighting in the shelves and had great ideas for our island. Super happy with how high end and tight the design is".

"John's open to ideas and easy to work with. Definitely a big plus, less stress knowing the details are also taken care of. He's got a high level of excellence".



Modern and clean, these custom mid-century floating shelves are a perfect addition to a living space.

"John has a precise eye for transforming my living room with great design that solved so many issues in my small NYC apartment. I am loving my Mondrianesque sleek floating shelf that is super cool and one of a kind. He even hung my large heavy mirror on sheet rock!"


space solutions 1.jpg

Residential kitchens in Manhattan, NY. Custom cabinets with painted wood, stone countertops and recessed lighting. View Gallery for more details. 

space solutions 2.jpg

Large wallunit in a Brooklyn townhouse spanning 25 feet with cabinets and recessed lighting. A custom raised bed with child safe stairs and ample storage transforms a small upper east side young boy's room. Electrical outlets placed for entertainment.

View Gallery for more details. 


A perfect solution for apartment living. The space below a bed can be utilized for artists and photographers needing a flat file area and storage for poles and backdrops, or sports equipment. 

"We live in a NYC apartment with two young boys. I was so happy to see how John was able to create beds, drawers, shelves and so much storage within such a small room. Thrilled how all of their clothes, toys and games are easily stowed and organized relieving us from visual chaos. He is super detail oriented".


"I'm a photographer and find it hard to believe there are no flat files out there that fit under a double bed which is such a large unused space.  John at Northwest Woodworking came up with a brilliant solution to handle the flat file that I needed, as well as an area to store poles and long tubes of seamless into a custom captain's bed. He even incorporated a small chest that could also go under. Everything on wheels and easy to move! Bravo!!"


space solutions 3.jpg

Residential kitchens in Manhattan and upstate. Additional shelves on top of cabinets create an unexpected show space.  Curved desk flows into a bookcase in an upper westside office.

View Gallery for more details. 



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